Introducing the music BGM and sound effects necessary for the video, points to note when requesting, and the production process.

If you have any experience in video production, you probably know that the BGM and sound effects used in videos are extremely important .

It is indispensable for expressing the story and the beginning, development, development, and conclusion, and can affect the overall quality. So this time, we will introduce the things to keep in mind when requesting music production and the production process.

Reasons to ask a production company for BGM and sound effects
Nowadays, video production has become very accessible. With the spread of free posting sites, more and more people, not only companies and artists, but also individuals, are working hard on video production. Due to this trend, free materials

are often used these days .

As an individual, even if you want to create a piece of work that you are particular about, there is a limit to your budget. For such people, there are many sites that offer free background music and sound effects.

but,Free materials have the advantage of being easy to use, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to create originality.there is.
When using video images commercially, it is not uncommon to find it difficult to find suitable sound materials for video images.

In such cases, we recommend that you contact a production company that produces BGM and sound effects that take into account the image of the video .
It is no exaggeration to say that the music used in videos such as company and product introductions influences the overall atmosphere.

Points to note when requesting music production
There are a few things to keep in mind when requesting music production.

About corrections and retakes

When requesting a production company, it is important to convey your requests to the production company in an easy-to-understand manner. Be specific about what kind of situation you will use it for, how many seconds long it needs to be, etc.

However, since the impression of music can differ depending on the listener, it is common for the music to undergo repeated fine-tuning until it is delivered.

In addition, if you wish to request corrections to delivered materials,“There is a limit to the number of revisions” “Additional fees are required for retakes”In most cases.
To avoid any trouble when requesting revisions, be sure to confirm the number of revisions and costs at the first meeting .

About playback environment
For BGM and sound effect production, we sometimes deliver only the completed sound materials, and sometimes we have them incorporated into the video. At that time, it is important to communicate the final playback environment
as the sound quality will be affected by the video playback environment . The production side finishes the work according to the final playback environment, so if there is a discrepancy in the understanding of both parties, the finished product will not be as ordered, which could lead to trouble.

What is the flow of requests in music production?

When requesting music from a production company for the first time, many people may not know how to proceed.
There are some differences depending on the production company, so this time we will introduce the general process.

Inquiry ~ Content confirmation
First, please contact the production company regarding your request. Check the production content that can be requested, the quality of the finished product, production costs, production delivery date, etc.

Once both parties agree on the production content, cost, and delivery date, we will proceed to a contract.
Be sure to check the matters related to rights and defect guarantees in advance.

There may be cases where you do not create a contract, but to avoid any trouble, please leave documents that can be put in writing, such as the details of the production request and the estimate .

Production ~ Modification
Once the contract is finalized, production will begin. We check the finished product several times and have them finish the music according to your order.

When requesting corrections as necessary, be sure to confirm the content and cost of the corrections before proceeding so that there are no discrepancies between both parties .

Delivery ~ Deposit
Once the production is completed and delivered, please make a payment at the payment site specified in the contract.

in conclusion
This time, we introduced the things to keep in mind when requesting music production and the production process. BGM and sound effect production tend to be neglected compared to the main video.

However, it is not uncommon for the music used to affect the overall quality of the video work.

For a satisfying video production, why not leave it to a professional with solid music production skills?

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