Next-generation music and video experiences created with “Dolby atmos”

In recent years, music and videos that use Dolby Atmos have been increasing. Dolby atmos is said to be the next generation of audio technology, and it is an audio technology that allows you to experience sound more realistically. It is attracting attention as a new audio experience that allows users to immerse themselves in the worldview of images and music.

So this time, I will explain about “Dolby atmos”.

What is Dolby atmos?
Dolby atmos is one of the three-dimensional sound technologies developed by Dolby Laboratories.
Designed to add an extra layer to traditional surround sound for a luxurious, multidimensional audio experience. This creates a three-dimensional sound space that includes sounds from above and below, which was difficult to reproduce with conventional surround technology. Dolby atmos is an audio technology used in movies and theaters around the world.

The charm of Dolby atmos
Next, we will introduce the appeal of the sound played with Dolby atmos.

Feel the sound from 360 degrees
Rather than assigning sound to a specific channel like stereo, Dolby atmos allows creators to place sound in a specific location in three-dimensional space. Therefore, Dolby atmos allows the sound to be moved in all directions to match the video. The sound has a higher pitch and can be heard from all directions 360 degrees.

Sound feels more realistic
By moving the sound, it sounds more three-dimensional. Also, since the sound can be heard from 360 degrees, you will feel as if you are surrounded by the sound, making the sound even more realistic. It provides a sense of immersion, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of images and music.

Places where Dolby atmos is used
Dolby atmos is used in a variety of places. Here, we will introduce details of places where Dolby atmos is used.


The number of movie theaters and movies that support Dolby atmos is increasing. By using stereophonic sound, you can enjoy an even more realistic view of the world of the movie.
In Japan, there are only a few movie theaters where you can experience Dolby atmos, but we can predict that it will become more popular in the future. The same goes for movie productions, and more and more content will be compatible with Dolby atmos.

Dolby atmos is also used in home games. By using Dolby atmos, you can enjoy games with a realistic feeling with 3D sound.
For example, it is used in shooting games. It’s easier to see where the enemy is shooting from, and you can tell the direction of the enemy by sound in group battles. You can also use sounds to determine the location of hidden enemies and the direction of your target location.

Even with music, you can enjoy 3D sound using Dolby atmos. Dolby atmos makes familiar music feel like you’re listening to it on a live concert stage. You can enjoy music in a different way than usual. In Japan, it is distributed on Apple Music and Amazon Music HD, and you can easily enjoy Dolby atmos from your smartphone.

What you need to create Dolby atmos
We will introduce what you need to create Dolby atmos.

1.Dolby Renderer
With Dolby Renderer, you can render to headphones and create a binaural version of your 3D mix, even if you don’t have a lot of speakers.

2.Dolby Atmos Production Suite
Software is required to create the Dolby atmos file format. Dolby Atmos Production Suite is software included in Dolby Renderer. You can create sound in Dolby atmos.

  1. DAW compatible with Dolby Atmos Production Suite
    Install music software compatible with Dolby Atmos Production Suite. Currently, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools Ultimate, etc. are certified as compatible DAWs.
  2. Panning plugin
    Panning is done using a sound panner. Dolby Atmos Music Panner, provided free of charge by Dolby, has regular panning and panning sequencer functions. You can pan in circles or squares according to the tempo of the sound.
  3. Monitoring format
    Use Dolby Renderer, Apple Renderer, etc. to check how the music will sound when actually distributed. In addition to checking whether the sound is three-dimensional and whether there are any problems with the audio, be sure to consider the environment in which the listener will hear the sound.
  4. Streaming services that can deliver Dolby atmos
    Find a streaming service that supports Dolby atmos and start streaming. Not all distribution services support Dolby atmos. It is important to check in advance as there are limited places where you can stream. Music can be distributed on Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Points to note when creating Dolby atmos
To create sound using Dolby Atmos, you need knowledge and experience regarding software and stereophonic sound. Also, it costs a lot of money to install the hardware and software to create the sound.
If you want to create 3D sound using Dolby atmos from scratch, we recommend leaving it to a professional rather than doing it in-house.

If you want to create a sound source compatible with Dolby Atmos, go to G-angle.

Dolby atmos is an important sound technology that makes images and music feel more realistic. Simply creating sound with Dolby atmos and adding it to the video will create a more immersive content. If you want to deliver images, music, and games more realistically, we recommend using Dolby atmos.
G-angle allows you to create sounds that are compatible with Dolby atmos. If you have created a good work but feel that the sound is not powerful enough, or if you are thinking of producing music that feels three-dimensional, please feel free to contact us if you are considering producing sound sources using Dolby atmos technology.

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