Vtubers explain the benefits and points of requesting original music

I think there are many Vtubers who want to distribute content that their fans will enjoy and are thinking about distributing new content.

Therefore, the recommended content is ” original music “.
In this article, we will explain the benefits and points of Vtubers requesting the production of original music.

Vtuber’s original songs are also one of the popular contents
Many Vtubers create “Utattemita videos” that include cover songs, but there are also many who create and perform original songs.

Vtuber’s original songs have become known collectively as “Vtuber songs,” and they are now becoming a popular music genre, with events such as annual rankings being held where the grand prize is decided by public voting.
Vtuber songs can be said to be one of the most popular contents these days.

Advantages of Vtubers creating original songs

So, are there any benefits for Vtubers to create original songs?

① Can be enjoyed as a commemorative event
Creating and performing original songs is a commemoration of their activities, so most Vtubers perform original songs to commemorate anniversaries or surpassing the number of registered users.
It is often performed to express gratitude to the fans who have supported us in the past, and allows us to become one with the fans and share the joy.

② Lead to new fans and increased awareness through the song
Performing original songs is a great way to attract attention. By giving permission to use the sound source in short videos such as TikTok, it will become even more exciting.

Not only will it please existing fans, but it can also be an opportunity to gain new fans and expand awareness through original songs on SNS.

③You can express yourself with a song that suits you
If it’s an original song, you can create a song that suits you, such as the atmosphere and key of the song.
This makes it easier to express your charm and strengths. By creating songs that suit you, you will be able to express new charms that are different from before.

④ Can be used freely for distribution etc.
In the case of cover songs, the copyright belongs to the original, so you cannot use them freely.

On the other hand, if it is your own original song, you can use it for distribution without worrying about the rights. It can be used as BGM for live streaming or videos, and will enrich your content.

How Vtubers request original songs
Here, we will introduce the process of requesting the production of an original song.

① Request music production
There are two ways to request music production: you can request it from an individual creator or through a crowdsourcing site, or you can request it from a production company. The way you search for a client and how you make a request differs depending on where you make the request.

When requesting from an individual creator
When requesting music production from an individual creator, the request will be made directly to the creator via SNS, email, skill market, etc.
They often publish their past achievements and portfolios on Youtube and websites, so be sure to check what kind of music they are creating before requesting them.

Make a request through a crowdsourcing site
This is a crowdsourcing method where you can post your request and have creators apply. It’s a good idea to write down what kind of song you want in as much detail as possible in advance, and include your budget as well.

Request a production company
This is a method of requesting the production company that is contracted to produce the music. Please use the company’s email form to contact us for consultations and estimates, and to request production.

② Hearing/meeting
After requesting music production, the next step is to decide on the basic details, such as what kind of music to create and the delivery date. Specifically, please prepare the following contents.

Deciding on these things in advance will help the meeting go smoothly.

③ Composition/lyrics
Once you have decided what kind of song you want to create, the next step is to start producing it.

First, we will create the basic parts such as the chord progression of the song. After reviewing the rough sketches of the song to make sure there are no deviations in direction, I write the lyrics in accordance with the progression and melody of the song.
At this stage, make sure that the direction matches the finished image . It is difficult to modify the song after it is completed, so it is recommended that you check it once the song rough is completed.

Additionally, although it is common practice to compose and arrange the song first, there are some cases where the lyrics are written first. If you write your own lyrics, you will most likely follow this pattern.

④ Arrangement
Once the song is complete, we decide on the melody and what instruments to include.
If you want to include live music, it will be difficult to modify it if it is recorded. If you wish to make any corrections, be sure to consult with us before recording.

⑤ Recording
Once the arrangement is complete, we move on to vocal recording. If only the orchestra is delivered, there is no recording process.
Recording is generally done in a studio. If you’re a Vtuber who doesn’t want to show your face to the people involved, check in advance if it’s possible to record the singing part at home.

If you hire a production company, they may have their own studio, and you may be able to record in the studio.

⑥ Mixing/mastering
We edit vocal audio data, mix vocals and orchestra, and adjust the overall volume and sound pressure during mastering.

⑦ Delivery
If there are no problems with the final check, the product will be delivered safely.

Costs associated with requesting an original song
How much does it cost to create an original song? The cost includes the cost of creators involved in the song,

such as composers, lyricists, and performers if live sound is included , and the cost of facilities and equipment used for recording etc. If you don’t ask for the recording or if you write the lyrics yourself, you may be able to reduce costs a little.

If you request it from an individual creator or through crowdsourcing, please keep in mind that you will have to do some work yourself, such as writing the lyrics yourself and communicating frequently.
If you create a song simply on a PC, you may be able to have it produced for as little as 10,000 yen, but if you ask a popular creator to produce it, the cost will be higher.

If you ask a music production company to transfer the copyright of the song to you, you may be charged a separate copyright fee.

How to choose a source for original songs

There are various sources for requesting the production of original songs. So which one should you choose? You may get lost. Here, we will explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Points to remember when requesting original music
When requesting an original song, there are a few points you should keep in mind to avoid discrepancies with your own image and to prevent problems.

Clarify what kind of song you want to create
Make your image as clear as possible about the song, such as what kind of atmosphere you want to create, how long it should be, and what instruments you want to use.

By presenting detailed image ideas, it is possible to create songs with fewer mistakes and no misunderstandings. We recommend that you prepare reference songs as much as possible.

We will thoroughly discuss and decide on copyright and other rights issues.
If you composed, wrote the lyrics, or created the sound source yourself, you own the copyright, but if you commissioned the production, the copyright belongs to the producer .
Therefore, even if it is your own original song, there may be restrictions on how it can be used.

If you are asked to create a song from scratch, be sure to discuss and agree on what situations it can be used in, or even transfer the copyright if you want to use it freely.

Leave some leeway in the delivery schedule
Delivery may take some time as modifications may be required. Considering the recording time, it takes time to complete.
Therefore, if you have a set date for performing your original song, be sure to schedule it with plenty of time for production.

Especially if this is your first time receiving a request for music production, you may not be used to it, so be sure to allow plenty of time for delivery.

This time, we explained the benefits and points of Vtubers requesting the production of original music. Producing original music is content that allows you to express your individuality, something that cannot be expressed through cover songs. If you want to ensure quality or avoid unnecessary trouble, we recommend that you hire a production company.

If you are a Vtuber and would like to actively pursue music activities in the future, why not consider producing original songs in addition to Utattemita’s cover songs?

In addition to producing original songs for Vtubers, G-angle also produces music videos and illustrations.
If you have any questions about creating a music video that matches the image of the song, please leave it to G.ANGLE, which has a rich track record of creating content for Vtubers!

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