What are the points and average costs for requesting composition or music production?

This time, we will explain the request points and cost prices for composing and music production

When you want to produce original music or BGM, it is common to ask an individual composer or a composition company to write the lyrics, compose, and arrange the music, but the reality is that such production requests are prone to problems.
Therefore, please check the request method in advance to avoid problems as much as possible.

What are the troubles of music production?
There are three main problems that often occur when producing music:

These problems are problems that not only the requesting party, but also the requested composer and production company, want to avoid. So, let’s take a look at the important points when requesting
a song in order to create a song that matches your image .

Music production request flow
First, let’s take a look at the general flow of requests for composition and music production.
Although there are some steps that may vary depending on the request content, recipient, whether or not a song is included, etc., the following is the general flow.

How long does it take from request to delivery?
For instrumental BGM 1 day to 1 month
For BGM with songs Approximately 1 to 2 months
The delivery date is only a guideline, as it varies greatly depending on the client, the length of the song, whether instruments or vocals are recorded, and whether there are any modifications.

Request music production! What should I prepare?

From here, let’s take a look at the key points when requesting music production.

Make it clear what kind of song you want to make before making a request
First, gather information about the image of the song you want to create in advance. If you have decided on the following items, make a list and organize the information.

In music production, it is necessary to create songs that suit the purpose of the song.
The process and amount will vary depending on where and how the song you want to request for production will be used, so be sure to check in advance.
Example) If it is a game BGM, a loop setting is required. If it is a WebCM project, we will purchase the copyright. Such

If you have a clear target group that you want to listen to, organize the attributes of the users you want to listen to, such as gender, age, and hobbies.

image of the song
The image of a song is a very important part of music production. If this image is misaligned between the creator and the client, the problem arises that the finished song is somehow different from what I expected.

If there is an existing song that has a similar image, you can present it as a reference song, or if you can’t find a reference song, convey the image.
Deciding on the image of a song is difficult, but the following information will make it easier for creators to understand your intentions.

If you use the method of presenting reference songs, you may end up with a song that gives the impression that it imitates the reference song, so if you want to fully express your originality and artistry, it is better to only convey the above keywords. Sho.

The budget for music production varies greatly depending on the creator requested and the content of the process. We need to thoroughly discuss who can accomplish what based on the budget.

By communicating the delivery date, the production side will calculate the process backwards and set the first draft submission date, brush-up period, and recording schedule.
Some creators and production companies won’t accept your request if the deadline is too tight, so we recommend that you make your request well in advance.

How to choose a music production company and their respective prices
Once you have organized your information, choose your destination. Requests for music production include “individual creators (amateurs),” “individual creators (professionals),” and “music production companies.”

Individual creator (amateur)
In the case of individual amateur creators, it usually takes about two weeks for instrumental BGM and one to two months for songs
. The average price for each song is between 5,000 yen (BGM) and 50,000 yen (songs) . Good if you want to keep costs down.

Some of them create compositions that are close to professional, but because they are individual creators, the quality may be low depending on the person who requests it. When making a request, it is necessary to check samples etc. and make a judgment.

Individual creator (professional)
There are also professionals who work as individual creators. If you request someone who is working as an individual, the cost will be around 20,000 to 1,500,000 yen per song
. When it comes to producing songs, the price range widens because it may involve singing in a recording studio or recording musical instruments. If it is a sound source that does not contain vocals, such as BGM, it may be cheaper. The delivery time is about 1 to 2 months

, which is not much different from that for amateurs , but if you are requesting a popular creator who has worked on famous works, we recommend allowing ample time for delivery. Compared to songs made by amateurs, the sound quality, performance techniques, composition and arrangement skills are higher, and when it comes to retakes, they clearly understand the client’s intentions. However, in many cases, studio booking and performer coordination are basically done by the requesting party, and that knowledge and connections are required, and the cost of composing music varies depending on whether it is paid with copyright royalties or purchased, so copyright-related knowledge is required. The requesting side will also need it to some extent.

Music production company, writer’s office (professional)
If you hire a professional, it may take two months to produce if there are songs , but most of the time it is completed in about one month .
The average cost is not much different from when you hire an individual professional, and we often accept requests starting from around 100,000 yen

. We have a large number of active professional writers, performers, etc. who are familiar with the music production process and have knowledge of copyrights, etc., so if you have no knowledge or experience in music production, this is the most efficient method. is.
Another characteristic of this process is that troubles are relatively unlikely to occur because the communication is between companies rather than individuals.

If you want to create music that matches your image and want quality, we recommend a music production company.
Music production companies have extensive experience in corporate projects, so the quality of the songs is guaranteed.
Depending on the company, you can consult with them from the planning stage, such as I don't know what kind of song would be good'' orIs this the right direction for this song?”, so it will be easier to create the song exactly as you imagined.

In addition, due to the quality, ease of conveying the image, ease of speaking, and wide range of composer candidates, it is possible to compose songs regardless of genre.
If you do not have specialized knowledge in music, you may be worried about how to proceed with the request because you do not understand the technical terminology.
In such cases, if you are working with a music production company, the sound director will be able to break things down into the conversation, so communication will be smoother, and since you will be dealing with the company, it will be easier to give feedback.

Copyright and other rights are clearly determined with the client.
Copyright issues often arise after a song is completed. Make arrangements in writing
, such as the scope of use and rules for notation of the composer, rather than verbal agreements .

Points to keep in mind during the production process

Here, we will explain the points you should keep in mind as you progress through the process of actually creating a song.

Be sure to check the demo sound source
Be sure to check the rough sketch that forms the backbone of the song. The songwriting process revolves around the atmosphere and melody decided at this stage of composition.
If you feel something is wrong, don’t just say it’s okay; be sure to tell them clearly.

How to submit a modification request
If you feel uncomfortable with the content of the submitted demo, let us know. We will tell you the number of seconds and the content of the part that feels uncomfortable, and we will ask you to correct it.
Instead of requesting corrections in the May Rain style, it is better to request corrections all at once in one communication to reduce the amount of back and forth.

If you are unable to communicate clearly through written communication, try communicating by phone or online meeting. It is important that both the person giving the message and the person receiving the message consider the other person’s needs and proceed with care.

When the requested song is completed
Once the requested song is completed, it will be delivered. After delivery, use the music based on the terms agreed upon at the time of the contract.

Please leave it to G-angle to create the song according to your image.
Music production is prone to problems such as copyright issues and usage conditions, but you can rely on a production company with a rich track record.

G-angle employs sound directors and professional composers who are active at the forefront of the music industry
. With a wealth of experience and our own studio, we are able to produce songs that match the customer’s image. If you have any requests for composition or music production, please feel free to contact G-angle.

in conclusion
This time, we explained the request points and cost rates for composing and music production.

There are two main ways to request composition or music production: requesting an individual creator or requesting a music production company.
There are both amateur and professional individual creators, so be sure to check the delivery date and quality before making a request.
Music production companies often provide music to artists and companies, and are attractive because they have a rich track record and high quality. Even beginners can easily understand specialized matters, so you can feel at ease even if you are making a request for the first time.

If you are thinking of producing music, please use G-angle.

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