Where did the sound source for the video you sang come from? Explaining how to download and the market price for requesting sound source creation etc.

Singing videos started on Nico Nico Douga and are now being posted on YouTube .

It is one of the popular contents that not only amateurs but also professional singers are participating in, and recently more and more people are releasing it as part of their Vtuber activities.
However, many people are confused about where to get the karaoke sound source they need when they want to make a video of themselves singing.

Therefore, this time, we will explain how to download the sound source of “Utattemita Video” and the market price for requesting sound source production .

Process of creating a singing video
First, I’ll show you how to make a singing video.

Prepare the sound source you want to sing
First, start by choosing the sound source you want to sing.

When covering a singer’s song, instead of using the CD as is, I use a karaoke sound source that I created to try singing.

record a song
After preparing the sound source, the next step is to record the song.

There are ways to record with a smartphone, but recording with a computer requires various equipment such as a microphone and headphones, an audio interface, software such as a DAW, and a pop guard.

MIX karaoke sound source and song
MIX is the process of correcting the rhythm and pitch, adjusting the volume, adding echo, etc. to make the singing voice more audible, so that it blends with the sound source and the recorded song .

This MIX work is done using special software using a computer or smartphone. By performing MIX, the quality of your singing will improve.

make a video
Once the mix is ​​finished and the sound is complete, the next step is to create a video.
You can match the MIXed sound source to the created video, or there are many patterns that simply add the sound source to a still image.

However, if you want a lot of people to see it, it would be better to combine it with a video.
In the case of Vocaloid songs, there are many ways to use the original MV as is, but whether or not you can use Utagattita differs depending on the song and composer.
To avoid any problems, be sure to check the summary section of the video.

How to prepare a singing sound source

The sound source is from a copyright perspective.Using CDs or using karaoke sound sources without permission is not permitted.. Therefore, you will need to prepare the sound source yourself.

So, how should I prepare the sound source for the singing video?

make it yourself
If you are familiar with music apps or can play an instrument, there is a way to make your own. Just play and record yourself.

Use a download site such as Piapro
There are sites where you can download sound sources that are approved for secondary use, such as singing videos.
This is a sound source created and provided by the site or the site’s users, and if it is a Vocaloid song, it can be downloaded from Piapro.
You can use the sound source distributed exclusively for Utattemita by simply downloading it from the site.

Although there are many sound sources that can be used freely, there are cases where guidelines have been established, such as requiring consent to use them or mentioning them in the video summary section .
It is convenient because you can use it just by downloading it, but you must check the terms and guidelines and follow the rules.

Request a professional creator
It is difficult to create the karaoke sound source of the video you tried singing by yourself, and download sites have many rules and regulations, so many people may be worried about what to do if something goes wrong.

In fact, it is possible to ask a professional to create the karaoke sound source .
We recommend that you ask a professional to create your own karaoke sound source.

Advantages of requesting a recording of the song you sang

We recommend that you request the creation of the audio source for your singing video. Let’s take a look at its benefits.

It becomes difficult to infringe on copyright.
If you use a CD sound source, you may run into copyright trouble, so you must always have the sound source available.
By requesting the production of karaoke sound sources, you can use sound sources that have cleared copyright.

You can prepare a karaoke sound source that matches your key.
It’s good to use sound sources that are approved for secondary use, but you can prepare original karaoke sound sources that suit your key.
If you use a sound source that matches your key, you will be able to create better singing videos.

Sing with highly accurate sound sources
By requesting composers and production companies with extensive experience, you can create high-quality sound sources.
By using a high-quality sound source, the quality of the Utattemita video will also improve.

In some cases, live sound may be included.
Many of the karaoke sound sources that you can request use “uchi-komi sound sources.”
If you request a recording of your singing, depending on the producer, you may be able to request a live recording .

Inserting live sounds into a karaoke sound source gives it a lively feel and makes it sound like a live performance, but depending on the song, the quality may be better if recorded with only one electric guitar.

You can also request arrangements such as band style.
It is also possible to have the sound source arranged in an acoustic style, rock style, etc.
If you would like to enjoy a different atmosphere than the original sound source, please consider requesting an arrangement.

You may be able to request editing such as MIX etc.
It is possible to request not only sound source production, but also recording, MIX, and video editing.
Because we produce everything consistently, we can ensure high quality.

Request price for karaoke sound source of the singing video
How much does it cost to request the production of a karaoke sound source for a singing video? Here, let’s take a look at the market price for karaoke sound sources.

Cost rate for request
First of all, there are two ways to request sound source production. The first is to ask an individual, and the second is to ask a production company.
If you hire an individual, the fee will be around 10,000 to 30,000 yen, and some will accept it for less than 10,000 yen.
If you hire a production company, the cost will be 50,000 to 150,000 yen.

Prices vary depending on the request and song content.
Prices vary depending on the request and the content of the song. The contents of requests and songs whose prices change are as follows.

The higher the quality of the audio source, the more it will cost. However, if you create a high-quality work, I think it will become a special video for you as well.

Things to be careful about with the sound source of the song
From here, we will introduce the things you should be careful about when using the sound source of the singing video.

Be careful about copyright!
Using a song without permission may constitute copyright infringement, and videos that have been used without permission may not be uploaded. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain permission for the music to be used.

However, if the video distribution service has a licensing agreement with JASRAC or NexTone, you can use songs managed by JASRAC or NexTone.
Since it is not necessary to obtain individual permission, it is best to choose songs managed by JASRAC or NexTone.

Please note that for songs that are not managed by JASRAC or NexTone, you will need to obtain permission individually.

Avoid using CD karaoke sound sources
The use of karaoke sound sources on CDs is a copyright violation and cannot be used.

Even songs managed by JASRAC etc. cannot be used. It is a condition that you must use the original sound source.

For the production of singing and cover recordings, go to G-angle!
G-angle, which started out in the ringtone production business, specializes in producing highly accurate singing and cover sound sources using highly accurate ear copying.

In addition to recording, we can also include partial live sound, and in addition to providing sound sources, we also provide studio recording and video production. We currently produce dozens of films a month, so we have a wealth of resources and a proven track record. We have experience with songs from

major Vtuber productions , so if you are currently active as a Vtuber and would like to create a high-quality singing video that is different from other companies, please contact G-angle.

in conclusion
This time, I explained where to get the audio source for the videos I tried singing, how to download it, and the average price for creating the audio source.

Basically, you cannot use a CD in the karaoke sound source part of the singing video. You must prepare an original sound source.

Download music from sites that allow secondary use, or use music you’ve performed yourself.
If you are looking for a high quality sound source or find it difficult to produce the sound source, we recommend that you hire a professional.

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