What is a sound logo? Introducing the benefits and usage examples of companies using sound logos

Many people may have experienced that when they watched a short video, not only the video itself but also the sound left a strong impression on them.
In addition to visual information, auditory information is also very important. Sound has the power to directly appeal to emotions, and sometimes transcends culture and language to leave a lasting impression on people. “ Sound logos ”

take advantage of these characteristics and can be incorporated into corporate branding and advertising effects . This time, we will introduce a “sound logo” that uses sound.

Sound has the effect of moving human emotions

I think many people have had the experience of feeling calm or feeling anxious just by hearing a sound.
For example, many people may be shocked when they hear a melody often used on alarm clocks.

In this way, sound has the effect of evoking a specific feeling from an image
. Sound can transcend cultures and languages, and it can be said that some sounds are relaxing and some are uncomfortable, and they are common throughout the world.

It is said that humans obtain about 87% of their information from sight, so visual design tends to attract attention for branding and advertising, but the characteristics of sound that evoke a specific feeling or directly appeal to emotions A “sound logo” can be used for corporate branding and advertising effects .

A sound logo is a piece of music that uses sound effects and melodies to promote a company’s name or product.
It is used to enhance advertising effectiveness in advertising that uses sound, such as commercials, radio, and Internet videos, and is a sound representation of a brand logo.
Sound logos also apply to cases where you can tell which company or product the music is from just by listening to the music, even if there are no lyrics or product names.

Make a strong impression on your company name or product name by using sound
By using a distinctive sound, you will leave a lasting impression on many people. Therefore, it is possible to make a strong impression on the company name and product name. Just by hearing a certain sound, the name of a company or product immediately comes to mind. In this way, a sound logo can make customers feel closer to your company.

Can convey the company’s message
In the case of visual visual design, language is sometimes used, and unless you can read that language, you may not be able to convey your message. Since a sound logo can be created using only sound, it can be communicated to anyone regardless of language barriers. Just hearing sound can also evoke various sensations, including visual elements.

can be expressed through sound
As introduced above, sounds and melodies have the effect of evoking specific images and sensations. It is possible to give various images such as cool'',cute”, and “scary” just by listening to it.
By creating a sound logo with a sound that suits your product, service, or company, you can describe what kind of products or services your company offers.

Sound logos can be registered as trademarks.
When using a sound logo, rights such as copyright and trademark rights arise. Until now, it was said to be difficult to register sound as a trademark, but with the revision of the Trademark Law in 2015, it is now possible to register sound as a sound trademark.
Sound logos can also be registered as trademarks, allowing them to be unique. In fact, FamilyMart is the first company in the convenience store industry to apply for a sound patent.

In this way, trademark rights and copyrights are involved in sound logos, so when outsourcing production, it is important to have a strict contract to avoid problems later on.

Source: “FamilyMart for you and your family” is registered as a “sound trademark” with the Japan Patent Office

Examples of corporate sound logo usage
In fact, sound logos are used by various companies. Here we will introduce examples of the use of famous sound logos.

The sound logo is also used in McDonald’s commercials. I’m sure everyone has heard the phrases taratatta'' andI’m loving it” at the end of commercials.
McDonald’s sound logo is one of the famous sound logos all over the world.

Many people will probably recognize the name of the service just by hearing the startup sound of Netflix. The distinctive sound you hear when you launch Netflix is ​​also one of the sound logos.
Because this service is used all over the world, it can be recognized by many people using only sounds, without using words.

Intel, which makes computer CPUs, has become famous in Japan for its catchphrase “Intel Inside” and its sound logo. We are updating our logo and jingle in 2020.

A commercial for the convenience store “FamilyMart” using the phrase “FamilyMart for you and me” is famous.
With its distinctive sound and catchphrase, this is a sound logo that will leave an impression on your ears. As explained above, this is the first sound logo in the convenience store industry to be registered as a sound trademark.

The game console “PlayStation” has multiple sound logos created to match the series. Although it is a short sound effect, it is a distinctive sound.
The commercial also includes a female voice processed to sound like a robot, making the sound logo even more memorable.

Sound logos have various benefits, but how should you create one? Here we will explain how to create a sound logo.

Request a production company
Sound logos are generally commissioned to production companies. In most cases, the work is contracted out to production companies that produce videos and videos.

The production company will also take care of the contract related to the sound source, so even if you are requesting music production for the first time, you will be able to communicate with them with confidence.
Also, the production fee for sound logos varies depending on the production company. We recommend getting quotes first and comparing them with various companies before making your decision.

Request a freelancer
In addition to hiring a production company, you can also use a platform where you can share your skills and ask a freelancer who can create music to create it.
The fees involved are lower than when requesting a production company, so it is an option when you want to keep costs as low as possible.

However, when it comes to communication with freelancers, the production client may have to handle matters such as sound source contracts, which can complicate the process and cause problems.

Points to note when requesting a sound logo
In the case of a sound logo, unlike a regular logo, it is difficult to show the image to others. This makes it very difficult to reconcile the request details.
When making a request, it is important to prepare case studies from other companies that can be used as reference, and to firmly establish the company’s philosophy and concept before making a request.

In addition, it is necessary to discuss in detail with the composer about sound logo interests and copyrights . In particular, you need to be careful as copyrights can easily cause trouble.
If you make a request to an individual composer, there are many cases where it is difficult to reconcile these contract-related issues, so it is recommended that you make a request to a production company that also handles rights-related matters.

For creating memorable sounds and creating corporate sound logos, turn to G-ANGLE.
Emotional sound is an essential element of branding. This is an effective method when you want to widely recognize your company name, product, or service name.
However, just creating it blindly will not resonate with people. If you want to create memorable sounds or create a company’s sound logo, we recommend that you hire a production company with a proven track record that specializes in audio production.

At G-angle, we utilize the know-how we have cultivated through video production to produce audio with the aim of creating memorable sounds.
We can also support you with respect to rights, so even those who are new to sound logo production can request us with confidence. Please leave it to G-angle to create a memorable corporate sound logo.

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